Eligible Countries For Oman Tourist Visa

Eligible Countries For Online Oman Visa

At onlineomanvisa.com you can check the eligible countries for online Oman visa before visiting the Sultanate of Oman from anywhere in the world. You can select your country from the 237 eligible countries before applying for an Oman visa for eligible countries.

Countries Eligible for Visa on Arrival

To enter the Sultanate of Oman, all foreign nationals from the majority of countries will require an online Oman visa. In 2019, the Sultanate of Oman discontinued the visa on arrival for Oman this means that if you are not from a visa-exempt country then you will require a travel permit or visa in order to enter the borders of Oman. But one can opt for an e Oman visa application for eligible countries from the comfort of their homes in minutes to get their visa.

Oman Visa-Free Countries List

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries do not require a visa to enter Oman. Here are Oman visa-free countries list:

  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Bahrain
  • Saudi Arabia

Steps for e Oman Visa Application for Eligible Countries

You have to follow some of the below-mentioned steps in order to fill out an e Oman visa application for eligible countries:

  • Step 1- You have to select the nationality of eligible countries for Oman visa.
  • Step 2- Press on the “Apply Now” tab after completing the above step.
  • Step 3- In this step, you have to upload your documents like a passport’s scanned copy of the first page, and a passport-size photograph, and you have to fill out your personal information to get an online Oman visa.
  • Step 4- In the last step, you have to make online payments through your debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.

Countries Eligible for Online Oman Visa.

FAQs About Eligible Countries For Oman visa

There are a total of 68 countries eligible for visas on arrival for Oman.

There are a total of 169 countries that are eligible for prepaid Oman visas.

The document required for Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan nationals are mentioned below:

  • They have to submit a scanned copy of their passport’s first page which should be valid for a minimum of six months.
  • A passport-size color photograph with any background
  • The citizens of these 4 countries need to submit a scanned copy of their National IDs.

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