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Oman Travel Guide: 12 Best Things to Do In your Visit

Oman's attractiveness as a Middle Eastern destination draws visitors from all over the world. This location is a significant commercial hub for grapes and other produce. It is known for its lush scenic charm along the country's northern coast, amid the sea and inland mountains, with Muscat as its capital and Dhofar in the south. There are several mosques, forts, and even some ancient ruins throughout the nation that exhibit a fusion of modern and traditional design. Who could possibly miss out on the peace and quiet that this area offers? Apply for an Oman Visa with us and get the journey started that will be filled with joyous moments and exciting unforeseen adventures.

Check Out The 12 Best Things To Do In Oman. 

We will not let you miss anything out in your visit to Oman and here is the list of things that most people do in Oman to experience Oman at its best level. Also, you can check out the Oman Tour packages to plan your next trip to Oman without any headache of accommodation or travel from one spot to another.

Experience Oman’s Wildlife


Have you ever gone to a beach specifically in search of a turtle so you may learn its history? You can see a lot of turtles laying their eggs on the shore and returning to the sea just before sunrise, as romantic as that may sound to some of you. In addition to this, Oman is home to a wide variety of other animals, including the ibex, oryx, leopard, desert fox, and wild cats. If you happen to go diving, you can also see a variety of coral species and other components of the thriving marine life here. Hence, experiencing the wildlife here is one of the best places to see in oman.

Wahiba Sands Tour

Wahiba Sands Tour

The Wahiba Sands, also known as Oman's Adventure Playground, is one of the best things to do in Oman offering vistas of the middle-eastern desert sand as far as the eye can see. You can travel here on one of Oman's many desert safaris, where the area is rich with tower-shaped sand dunes that rise about 300 feet high. Excited already? Just wait until you take a private camel ride here as well! The reason this location is at the top of the list of things to do in Oman is that it is everything you could possibly imagine about the pure amber tones of sand and more!

Visit World Heritage Sites

World Heritage Sites

Examining the magnificent heritage sites that UNESCO has designated as having particular value is one of the best places to visit in Oman. Aflaj irrigation systems and the huge cemeteries of Ay-Ayn, Bat, and Al Ayn are among these locations. Even though the view is absolutely breathtaking, one would wonder how these sites have remained unaltered over the course of time. Nevertheless, they are unquestionably worth visiting if you want to learn more about this country's history.

Take A Walk Along Beaches


If you haven't visited a location with an abundance of beaches, you should definitely go to Oman! This is undoubtedly one of the interesting Muscat tourist places—beaches with mountains as a backdrop. The distinctive features of this nation include the original flat sand areas and even the kinds of beaches you see encircled by a desert. One of the best places in Al-Sawadi beach, which is close to Muscat and has a tonne of seashells just waiting to be found.

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Find More About Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

The only mosque in Oman that tourists can access is the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, it is one of the unique things to do in Muscat which is located in the capital city of Muscat. Not only known for its splendid architecture, but this mosque also has plenty of soothing vibes to add more calm to your holiday. You can choose to spend some time here before heading out for one of the city’s sightseeing tours. 

Take The Wadi Shab Tours

Wadi Shab Tours

Have you ever hoped that out in the vast desert, there would be a private area all to yourself with plenty of turquoise blue water where you could go about your daily business? You can now, though! The area of Wadi Shab is covered with calm rivers that run through the enormous canyon walls to form little pools that you may just appreciate! You can walk with your family or go for a hike in this area. If nothing else comes to mind, going for a swim might be a good way to take in all the joy that this location has to offer.

Discover Al Jalali Fort’s History

Al Jalali Fort

Other places to go in oman is the magnificent Al Jalali Fort, which is situated on the harbor's east side, is another activity that should be included in your list of things to do in Muscat, Oman. Although you must first request special authorization from the National Heritage and Culture Ministry in order to visit the grounds, you can access the fort by climbing a steep flight of stairs. This location was built during the Portuguese occupation in the 1580s and used as a prison for a while. However, it is today a museum dedicated to Omani history. 

Take A Look At Jebel Akhdar

Jebel Akhdar

You must see these mountains to experience the grandeur and picturesque appeal that these mountains add to Oman if you've heard or read about the country's diversified topography, which encompasses beaches, mountains, and deserts all in one area. The Jebel Shams and Jebel Akhdar regions are well-known for being among the best and drawing lots of tourists each year. Who could possibly want to skip Oman's Grand Canyon, which is home to mountains up to 3000 feet tall?

Buy Souveniers Muttrah Souk

Muttrah Souk

One cannot leave Oman's diverse culture and beautiful scenery without bringing home some souvenirs. Oman has several different markets that sell the same things, and some of them contain both local and imported goods like gold and silver jewelry, fragrances, spices, handicrafts, and hookah pipes, which will keep you busy. Try the street food alongside and enjoy a fun-filled vacation to give one of the best things to do in Oman an extra authentic touch!

Visit Snake Canyon

Snake Canyon

One of Oman's largest valleys is filled with attractive villages, ancient ruins, and Snake Canyon, which is also the country's biggest natural water park. Numerous waterfalls and natural slides are seen. Any adventure enthusiast will love this place. This place is no doubt one of the best Oman attractions that one must definitely visit. 

Take A Visit To The Nakhal Fort

Nakhal Fort

After undergoing numerous renovations, this fortress is a magnificent building that towers over the province of Nakhal. It has a lengthy history that dates to the seventeenth century. On the first floor, there is a mosque, while on the upper level, there are apartments and reception areas. You can awe by the exquisite Arabic lettering and geometric patterns. 

Sink Into The Blue Beauty Of Bimmah Sinkhole

Bimmah Sinkhole

This sinkhole in the middle of the dry desert has fresh blue water and was originally a natural swimming pool that was struck by a meteorite. This stunning illustration of a natural occurrence is located not far from the highway that connects Dibab and Bimmah. This 65-foot-deep sinkhole is a fantastic picnic location with breathtaking views. Visiting this place is one of the best things to do in Oman and should be included in your itinerary. 


These are definitely great ways to explore and enjoy your trip to Oman. Plan a trip abroad and get your Oman tourist visa for a memorable experience in this fascinating place that offers a variety of things to do. You can get an online Oman visa from our website out there. Make sure you carry a few extra bunches in case you decide not to stay at this location and instead extend your vacation. Make sure not to miss on the Oman Visa while planning your trip as it can single-handedly ruin the plans to your trip to Oman, also to ensure you get the best out of your Oman Trip, we have curated some professional itineraries which you can check on our Oman Tour Packages and discover the beauty of Oman with us with everything taken care of for you.

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