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Apply 10 Day Or 30 Day Oman Tourist Visa

Looking to apply for an Oman Tourist Visa Online? Guess you made it to the right place as you can apply for a tourist Visa within 5 Minutes and get it delivered to your inbox within 2-3 business days all without the need of you going to any embassy or physical visit to any place which is definitely a waste of time to even think of in this digital world. While everything is being made available online, Visa is still following its tradition and serves offline, however not anymore as we at have made it possible to fully apply and receive a visa online with our simple Visa Application form. Let us guide you through the complete process.

You can apply for a 10 Days Oman Visa or a 30 Days Oman Visa whatever suits your needs at the time of application, rest assured, we have a dedicated team of professionals to help you anywhere you are facing issue or doubtful for the application.

Let Us Look Closely To The 2 Types Of Visa

Single Entry 10 Days Oman Visa 

If you are looking forward to a short fun time in Oman, we have the right choice, that is the 10 days single entry for Oman with the validity of 90 days from the date which the Visa was issued, the traveler can have a stay at Oman for 10 Days using this Single Entry 10 Days Oman Visa

Oman 10 days visa cost $129 without any COVID-19 insurance and $179 Including Insurance.

Single Entry 30 Days Oman Visa 

10 days sounds a little too less, take the 30-day Oman Visa and get a month to explore the beautiful country Oman. Please remember that single-entry Visas can only let you enter once to Oman. Explore Oman by applying for the Single Entry 30 Days Oman Visa.

 Oman 30 days visa cost $169 without any COVID insurance and $219 with Covid Insurance.

What Is The Process Of Applying A Tourist Visa For Oman?

Here are the steps you will need to follow:

  • Hover to our website and fill the two options that are asking you for “country/region” and “travel documents”, in this case, select Afghanistan in the first and Passport in the second Box and hit the “Next Button”.

  • In the Next page, select the type of Visa you are looking for and click on the “Apply Now” option.

  • Fill in the required details like your name and address and a copy of both your passport and passport-size photo in a plain background and hit submit.

  • Once the submit button is clicked, you will see a page to pay for the issuance of a Visa, proceed to pay and you are all set.

  • You will receive an email confirmation on your Visa application.

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Documents required

A few Documents are required for your Travel to Oman, they are,

  • A Valid Passport with at least 6 months of validity remaining at the time of application.

  • A Copy of passport size picture

  • Personal Information, like your name and DOB.

Also, please note that, 

Residents from the Developed Nations, all you'll need is a valid passport and a clear photograph - no complicated paperwork required. For Citizens of Developing Countries: In addition to a passport and photo, applicants from less developed nations must provide a valid Schengen visa or a visa from the USA, UK, or Ireland. For Other Developing Nations: When applying for an online Oman visa from certain developing countries, you'll also need to obtain and provide a skilled professional code along with the standard passport, photo, and other requirements.


Making travel plans for Oman? Don't even think about wasting time at embassies or offices - get your tourist visa online through Our streamlined application takes just 5 minutes, and you'll have that visa delivered right to your inbox within a couple business days.

Whether you're looking at the 10-day single entry for a quickie vacay or the full 30-day visa to really explore, we've got you covered. Our team is standing by to walk you through every step and ensure your visa is issued without any delays or problems.

The process couldn't be simpler - provide some basic info, attach a photo, pay the fee online, and voila! You'll be Oman-bound after just a few clicks. For citizens of affluent countries, that's all there is to it. For others, some additional documentation like visas/codes may be required, but we'll guide you accordingly. Apply today and get ready to experience the incredible sights and hospitality of Oman.


1. Is Oman tourist visa multiple entry?

The Oman tourist visa is not a multiple-entry visa. Both the 10-day and 30-day visas mentioned allow you to enter Oman only once during their validity period.

2. What is a single entry visa for Oman?

A single entry visa for Oman permits you to enter the country one time. After that initial entry, you cannot leave and re-enter on the same visa.

3. Which visa is best for Oman?

For a short 10-day trip, the 10-day single entry visa may be best. But if you want more time to explore, the 30-day single entry visa gives you a full month in Oman after that one entry.

4. How do I get a tourist visa for Oman?

To get an Oman tourist visa, you go to their website, select your Acountry/documents, choose the 10-day or 30-day visa, fill out information like name/passport details, upload a photo, and pay the fee online.


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