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Things You Must Know Before Visiting Oman As A First Timer!

Oman is a hidden gem in the Middle East waiting to be explored by first-time visitors. When you plan a trip to Oman, you may wonder what are the must-do experiences in Oman. This blog post covers it all. In this tourist guide, we'll discuss the best time to visit, Oman visa requirements, must-see destinations like Muscat and Nizwa, as well as activities such as desert safaris and beach outings. So, Let’s dive into the topic!

What Is The Best Time To Visit Oman?

The best time to visit Oman is during the winter, from October to April. During winter, the weather is cool and pleasant with average temperatures ranging from 18°C to 36°C making ideal conditions for exploring Oman. It is also the peak tourist season, so you will be able to experience cultural events, festivals, and lively people all around. Additionally, popular outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and beach excursions are more enjoyable during the winter months. 

What Is The Visa Application Process And Requirements?

If you are visiting Oman to explore as a tourist, you may require a tourist visa to stay in Oman. Nationals of several countries are eligible for a transit visa while others are not. The process for applying for an Oman visa is pretty simple, you can apply easily through offers two types of Visas for Oman:-

  • 10-Day Single Entry Oman Visa

  • 30-Day Single Entry Oman Visa

You can apply for any of the above visas if you have all the required documents; here is the list of all the necessary requirements to apply for Oman visa:-

  • Passport: You must have a passport which is valid for at least six months from the day of your arrival in Oman

  • Photographs: You should have scanned version of your recent passport-size photograph in a plain white background 

Step-By-Step Process To Apply For An Oman Visa

Applying for an Online Oman visa is simple, you can easily apply and get your online Oman tourist visa through Here is how to do it:-

  1. Head to on your browser

  2. Enter your general details around your nationality and the country you are traveling to Oman from

  3. Select the type of Visa you want to apply (either the 10 Day Single Entry or 30 Day Single Entry) for and click on the “Apply Now” button besides it

  4. Fill out the application form accurately and make sure that there are no incorrect entries 

  5. Upload your passport, photograph and any other document (if required)

  6. Thoroughly check your visa application to ensure that there are no irregularities before making the payment to turn i your application

Once your application is submitted you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered email address along with an application number. Make sure to keep a note of your application number for future references.

Can I Track My Oman Visa Appication’s Status?

Yes, you can track your Oman Visa application status easily. Just follow these steps:-

  1. Visit

  2. Enter your visa application number in the provided field and click on the submit button

Your visa application status will then be shown, the status will be displayed in one of the following terms– Approved, Rejected, In Process, or Pending. This way, you can stay updated on the progress of your Oman visa application right from the comfort of your device.

What Are Must-Visit Destinations In Oman?

You've got to check out these must-visit destinations! Here are 10 must-visit destinations  you shouldn't miss:

  1. Muscat: Visit the capital of Oman to witness the culture, lifestyle, and marvels in Oman

  2. Nizwa: Explore the historic fort and lively markets in this old town

  3. Salalah: Enjoy the scenic landscapes and scenes during the Khareef season lush greenery and waterfalls

  4. Wahiba Sands: Go on thrilling desert safari adventure with sand dunes as far as your eyes could see 

  5. Jebel Akhdar: Also called the Green Mountain, Jebel Akhdar is known for amazing terrace landscape and treks

  6. Sur: Enjoy walking along the coast and experience the world-renowned dhow boat building 

  7. Wadi Shab: Hike through this beautiful valley and enjoy beautiful waterfalls and crystal clear water

  8. Ras Al Jinz: Spend your evening watching nesting sea turtles by the bay 

  9. Jebel Shams: Visit the highest mountain in Oman, also known as the Grand Canyon of Arabia

  10. Al Hajar Mountains: Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts with rugged landscapes and picturesque villages

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Tips For First-Time Visitors In Oman

Traveling for the first time in Oman can be really exciting. Here are 10 really simple travel tips for first-time visitors in Oman:-

  1. Respect the local customs and traditions

  2. Stay hydrated throughout your tour due to the hot climate, especially during outdoor exploration or activities

  3. Carry a scarf to cover your head while visiting religious sites

  4. Purchase a local SIM card for communication and internet access during your stay

  5. Learn a few basic Arabic phrases to help you communicate

  6. Book accommodations and tours in advance, especially during busy seasons

  7. Follow designated hiking trails in nature reserves

  8. Carry cash as credit cards are not accepted everywhere

  9. Take care of your belongings in crowded places

  10. Bonus Tip: If a local invites you over for a coffee, take it positively and accept the offer!


What is the best way to explore Oman?

The best way to explore is by booking Oman tour packages with trustworthy travel operators like Travejar.

How many days is sufficient for Oman?

10 Days are sufficient to explore Oman comprehensively.

Should I visit Muscat or Salalah?

Choose between Muscat's urban vibe or Salalah's serene and scenic offerings.

How much would a trip to Oman cost?

The cost of a trip to Oman depends on various factors like accommodation, duration of stay, season, and itinerary.


Visiting Oman for the first time can be a memorable experience filled with amazing experiences, marvelous architecture, beautiful landscapes, and warm hospitality. By following these travel tips and being prepared with the necessary information on visa requirements, best times to visit, and places to visit in Oman, you as a first-time visitor can make the most of their trip to Oman.

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